Emphasis on Intellectual Property Management: Company Adds National-level Honor

2023-08-10 /Industry

Recently, the National Intellectual Property Administration issued the "Results of the Evaluation of National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises and Demonstration Enterprises for the Year 2023." Our company was listed as a "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise," marking another national-level honor in the field of intellectual property following our recognition as a National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise in 2015.

As an innovative-driven national specialized and new-type enterprise, Zhengyang Technology has always attached great importance to the creation and development of intellectual property, continuously increasing investment in research and development. In the past three years, the company's R&D investment has exceeded 4% of total sales, reaching 6% in 2022. Thanks to substantial investment in R&D, Zhengyang Technology has established provincial-level enterprise research institutes, provincial-level technology centers, provincial-level high-tech research and development centers, provincial-level postdoctoral workstations, and a CNAS-accredited national laboratory, forming a sound research and development infrastructure and process. At the same time, Zhengyang Technology currently has a vibrant research and development team. Under the leadership of Chief Engineer Xu Feihao, they have carried out technological innovation in electric tools and other cutting-edge areas, including basic research, innovative design, product upgrades, and expansion. The company's new products are constantly emerging. It is the accumulation of investment in research and development and innovation-driven that allows the company to steadily achieve high-quality research and development results. As of now, the company has obtained more than 200 patents, including 29 invention patents (3 international invention patents), and has been honored with multiple authoritative awards such as National Specialized and New-type Giant Enterprise, Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Giant Enterprise, Zhejiang Provincial First Set, and Zhejiang Manufacturing Fine. While continuing to drive innovation, the company attaches importance to brand building.

Combining with corporate culture, the company has specifically hired Shanghai Fuerwei for comprehensive planning of trademark brands, clarifying the enterprise's brand concept of "expanding upwards with refinement." To enhance intellectual property protection, trademarks such as PIGEON and CYC have been registered in more than 40 countries and regions. The company has been honored with titles such as Zhejiang Provincial Brand Trademark Demonstration Enterprise, Zhejiang Famous Brand, and Recommended Brand by the Machinery and Electronics Chamber of Commerce, and the visibility of trademarks such as PIGEON and CYC continues to expand.


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