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Henan pigeon dealer Conference Report(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2016-12-20
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Pigeon Brand warm congratulations

Henan Dong Wei machine shop pigeon dealer dealers Conference

A complete success

Pigeon Tool General Manager--Mr. Hu

Welcome word opens conference prologue

Pigeon Operation Director--Mr.Chen

Operation mode of Pigeon Brand in Henan

Pigeon Brand Marketing Manager--Mr.Cheng

Introduce Pigeon Brand factory, brand development process, recommend dove brand new products

The New Product Award contest, interactive, warm atmosphere

East Wei electromechanical new dove brand assembly and tool cat platform settled signing ceremony

Their clenched hands, launched a line and offline integration era

After a tense meeting, a cheerful dinner party Seats in the main and best Huan, warm exchange 

Richer activities ignite dinner atmosphere

prizeActivity manners both hands, to have the prize

Finally thanks to these groups silently pay people

Is you

Contribute to the smooth development of the conference
Good times are always short

Let us meet again

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